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Alex Kingston and John Barrowman CANNOT just pop into my life unannounced. WHAT THE FUCK.

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do not insult hufflepuff in front of me i will defend hufflepuff till my grave and im not even a hufflepuff myself

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#savetherhinos #myhornisnotmedicine (at Bronx Zoo)

#savetherhinos #myhornisnotmedicine (at Bronx Zoo)

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"I just want to make something awesome. I just want to be awesome, and I want to hang around my awesome friends and change the fucking world, and that’s exactly what I plan to do."
— Kanye West
Wireless Festival, July 4th 2014  (via 5ft1)

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1. name: Taylor
2. birthday: Feb 16
3. favorite colour: orange!
4. lucky number: 14
5. height: 5’7


1. last dream you remember: a weird day with Maggie in Peru
2. can you juggle: Nope
3. art/sports/both: art
4. do you like writing: Love 
5. do you like dancing: Yes!
6. do you like singing: Eh, i’m not very talented


1. dream vacation: Maldives
2. dream date: No dream date, anywhere with food is fine
3. dream guy/gal: Colin O’Donoghue 
4. dream wedding: i do not want to get married, but If my mind ever changed, Central Park boat house
5. dream pet: as many dogs as possible, also cats. all rescues 
6. dream job: Some for environmental change, not sure what exactly though.


1. favorite song: That changes all the time
2. favorite album: ^^
3. favorite artist: Too many
4. last song you heard on the radio: Unwell
5. least favorite song: Currently, Magic
6. least favorite album: I have no idea??
7. least favorite artist: None really, I respect you regardless of it being my style


1. guys/girls/both: Boys but I’m down for anyone
2. hair colour: very dark
3. eye colour: Brown, but a stunning blue like bae is always appreciated
4. humorous/serious: HUMOR ALWAYS
5. taller/shorter: Taller i suppose. 
6. biggest turn-off: No manners
7. biggest turn-on: Cares about the environment 

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harry potter is adopted by sirius

Orphan is the New Black

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Mindy Kaling on the worst birthday gift she’s received

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Me + Indigo 


Me + Indigo 

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